Mediterranean Archaeology Research Group

About this Group

We focus on the central geographical and cultural core of the Mediterranean Sea and its connections to neighbouring regions such as the Near East, Egypt, the Black Sea and, during the period of Roman expansion, even northern Europe and Britain.

Research theme

Our current theme is 'Mediterranean Regional Interactions', which includes:

  • Regions (focusing on geographically defined areas that were occupied by complex societies with long-term historical continuities)
  • Interaction (studying those regions through the understanding of inter- and intra-regional connectivity and within the context of contemporary ethno-historical sources)
  • Administration and Economy (political, economic and organisational arrangement and management of landscapes and communities)
  • Households (the relations between people and the places that they inhabit)
  • Cultural translation (investigating evidence of cultural translations that occurred in contexts of interaction)
  • Historiography (understanding and contextualising the long and changing history of research in this region).

Public impact

Our internationally recognised research has recognisable public impact. We engage actively with our wider audience through:

  • Museum exhibitions of our research projects
  • Open research seminars
  • Postgraduate workshops
  • Research-led summer schools.