Literature of the Roman Empire

‌About this Group


Our work on imperial literature covers a range of authors in prose and verse, with particular emphasis on the writing of commentaries that focuses on the imperial period and the Latin panegyric.

Current studies

These include:

  • Latin poetry, including recent books on Virgil’s Eclogues and on Juvenal (Fred Jones)
  • Flavian poetry (especially Statius) and Latin prose authors of the early empire such as Tacitus and Pliny (Bruce Gibson).
    • This major long-term project (for which Professor Gibson was awarded $35,000 as early stage funding by the Loeb Classical Library Foundation) is a commentary on Pliny’s Panegyricus.
  • The development of ancient thought in Classical, Hellenistic and Late antiquity and in the reception of literature in antiquity (Dr Alexei Zadorozhny)