Early Village Societies Research Group

About this Group

From late Pleistocene hunter-gatherer societies to the development of early urban communities, the group’s research interests focus on the origin and evolution of human settlement.


The group’s research contributes to a broader understanding of both past and contemporary societies by investigating issues of global significance such as:

  • The impact of environmental and climate change on human societies
  • The evolution of human foodways
  • The history of disease
  • The history and development of prehistoric households
  • The development of social complexity
  • Processes of colonisation and settlement dispersals, e.g. the spread of farming and herding
  • People’s impact on the environment
  • The origin and evolution of anthropogenic landscapes and ecologies.

Projects in the community

The group’s work has an impact beyond academia, with the development of public education programmes and a Visitor Centre at Boncuklu (site of a British Academy-funded project in Anatolia, Turkey), displays in a new archaeological museum in Konya (Turkey), and a Visitor Centre at the Iron Age site of Castell Henllys in Wales.

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