Recent post-doctoral researchers

  • Valentina Gasperini (Marie-Curie post-doc –  2014-16), Trade Roads in ancient deserts: an Egyptian case study. The unrecognised Late Bronze Age commercial route between the Mediterranean and middle Egypt
  • Claire Holleran (currently University of Exeter): Shopping in Ancient Rome, Oxford University Press, 2012
  • April Pudsey, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow (currently University of London, Birkbeck College): Demography and the Greco-Roman World. New Insights and Approaches, Oxford University Press (with Claire Holleran)

Recently completed PhD students

  • Esme Hammerle, Technological Change or Consistency? An Investigation of Faience Produced from the Middle to the New Kingdom at Abydos, Egypt (awarded 2012)
  • A. Hodgkinson, Capital Cities of the New Kingdom: a spatial analysis of production and socio-economics in Late Bronze Age Egypt (awarded 2014)
  • Małgorzata Grzybalska, Dietary habits in domestic contexts: A case study at Adjiyska Vodenitsa in west central Thrace in its regional context 5th century to 3rd century BC (awarded 2013)
  • H. Pethen, GIS analysis of Middle Kingdom Egyptian ritualistic/religious sites in desert contexts
  • C. Werschkun, Resource procurement and management in Egyptian settlements of the Old Kingdom (awarded 2011)
  • Jason Wickham, Sources of Slaves in Late Republican Rome (awarded 2014).

Current PhD Students

  • Pablo Fernández-Reyes, The metallurgy of Roman Military Equipment from the first- and second centuries AD
  • Peter Gethin, Archaeometric examination of medieval ferruginous slags collected from the sites of Tell Dhiban, Jordan and the Armenian Garden, Jerusalem
  • Lucinda Kirby (AHRC-funded), Fourth Century AD Egypt
  • Tracey O’Leary, Post-Roman Wirral
  • Alan Williams, Linking Ore to Metal – Geochemical and isotopic characterization of the Great Orme Bronze Age copper mine to trace the metal supply and the exchange networks.