Serafina Nicolosi

Postgraduate Research Student


Serafina was awarded a BA in Ancient History from the University of Pisa. She achieved her MA in Classics at the same university. 

Outside of her studies Serafina has worked as a museum consultant and as a communications officer for a small business.

Research Interests 

Thesis Title

"Imagining Miletos: identity and representations of archaic Milesian elites"

Serafina's research explores Archaic Ionia, which was a meeting place between Greeks, local populations and inhabitants of the neighbouring empires of Lydia and Persia. As part of this diverse and fascinating context, the community of Miletos described by ancient Greek sources can represent, depending on the viewpoint of the reader, an important example of opposing reactions to such peculiar conditions: ethnic and cultural coexistence and integration or racial tension and ethnic cleansing; political cooperation and diplomatic agreement or military conflict with its powerful neighbours.

My research explores the identity of the archaic Milesian aristocracy, with the aim of defining whether and to what extent it was influenced by interaction with the autochthonous Carian component, relations with the Lydian and Persian establishments and dynamics of intra-élite competition. A privileged perspective for this investigation is offered by the upper-class women of Miletos: as they are both indication of male status and important players in the shaping of cultural, social and ethnic identities, their representations in both literary and archaeological evidence have a lot to reveal.

Her broader research interests encompass cultural heritage marketing, corporate communications, the Classical period and Ancient Greek society.

Research Funding

Funded by the University of Liverpool Graduate Teaching Fellowship.