Ross Cronshaw

Postgraduate Research Student


Ross was awarded with a BA in Archaeology from the University of York.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Re-examining the Roman auxilia; an investigation into arms, armour and battlefield roles."

Ross' thesis sets out an investigation into the arms and armour of Roman Auxiliary troopers, from AD 0 to AD 150, to determine the battlefield role and likely nature of equipment carried by this soldier archetype. Using a combination of past research, contemporary material and archaeological sources, this thesis explores current conceptions of the auxilia, their battlefield role and re-examines how they are presented in more recent works from the 20th Century. With insufficient conclusions drawn by previous archaeologists and inaccuracies rife amongst the community, further study is required to define exactly how this archetype can be quantified in the historical record.

Ross' broader research interests include military history, The Roman Empire and auxiliary troops throughout time.

Research Funding