Ross Clare

Postgraduate Research Student

Academic Profile:


Ross was awarded a BA in Archaeology and an MA in Ancient History at the University of Liverpool.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Ancient Worlds in Videogames"

Ross' thesis explores ancient Greek and Roman representations in 21st century videogames. By locating videogames within contemporary transmedia networks in which present digital and creative media operates, the aim is to construct an up-to-date vision of classical materials in modern entertainment media that characterises antiquity as constantly shifting, always adapting, and always in conversation with other contemporary themes, trends and conventions. Drawing on theories of knowledge acquisition, cognitive science, and new media theory, Ross is constructing a receptions-based theory of ‘ancient gameplay’ in which the game player negotiates these virtual fictional worlds and their programmed rules with fragmented ‘unofficial’ knowledges, reading and manipulating ancient videogames in accordance with a semi-conscious understanding of the classical world influenced by popular culture representations and conventions.

Ross' broader research interests include the study of Ancient Greek cultures, Classical reception studies, popular culture and onscreen representations in film, television and games.

Research Centre Membership

Centre for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences.

Research Funding

Funded by the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP).