Phyliss Brighouse

Postgraduate Research Student


Phyliss was awarded an MA in Screenwriting from John Moores University and later, an MA in Classics from the University of Liverpool.

Outside of her studies, Phyliss teaches at several colleges in the Merseyside area and is an accomplished writer and director of stage dramas. Phyliss won the Leverhulme Drama Festival award for Best New Drama in 2012.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Classics, Youth and Empire, 1919-1939"

Phyliss' thesis concerns the reception of Classics in children's leisure reading during the inter-war period, when both Classics and the British Empire faced challenges. It considers the way in which support for Classics and support for the British Empire can be identified within the same texts, with each informing the other. In this way, support for Classics also inculcates support for the British Empire, and vice-versa. Three case studies are discussed. They are the fiction and non-fiction of John Buchan, the 1926 and 1940 editions of the Arthur Mee Children’s Encyclopedia, and the boarding-school stories of Charles Hamilton published in the boys’ weekly papers the 'Magnet' and the 'Gem'.

Her broader research interests include Ancient Greek drama and representations of Ancient Greece.

Research Funding

Self-funded research project.