Phyliss Brighouse

Postgraduate Research Student


Cert Ed. University of Manchester, (1973);  BA, Open University (1988); MA Screenwriting, Liverpool John Moores University (1999); and MA Classics, University of Liverpool (The Unheeded Voice: Receptions of Cassandra, (.2011)

PUBLICATIONS  'The Calvinist Foundation of John Buchan's Reception of Ancient Rome', Auctor 01, London, Royal Holloway, pp 118-126 (2016).

Research Interests

Thesis Title

2012-date   PhD, University of Liverpool.

"Classics, Youth and Empire, 1919-1939"

Three case studies examine the responses of contemporary writers to the different challenges faced by Classics and the British Empire, and the potential for these responses to inculcate in young people support for that Empire. John Buchan was educated at public school and read Classics at Oxford. As well as popular fiction he created well-received biographies, including those of Julius Caesar and Augustus. In 1935 he was appointed as Governor General of Canada. Charles Hamilton, educated at a modest, private school, created boarding-school and imperialist fiction for boys’ weekly papers. The values transmitted through sport and Classics to boys educated to serve the Empire are reflected in the stories set in the Empire beyond. Arthur Mee, educated at a local board school, created the Children’s Encyclopedia which reflected his imperialist reception of the ancient world. Together, these potentially influential authors reached a broad spectrum of readers throughout the Empire.


Primary Supervisor:  Thomas Harrison

Secondary Supervisor: Bruce Gibson

Academic Areas of Interest

Classical Receptions, Greek Tragedy. Member of Receptions Group.

Drama Experience

2010-date: Artistic Director Seven Ages Theatre Community Theatre Group, Wirral, 2010-date: four-times winner of the Originality Cup for best new drama at the Leverhulme Drama Festival for one-act plays, including my 2012 play Talk to Me. This re-working of the Cassandra myth is set on the day of the Wall Street Crash and was developed from my MA dissertation The Unheeded Voice: Receptions of Cassandra.

1999-2000:  Funding for One-Year Project from Arts Council England/Wirral Pathways: Included a tour of local schools with my adaptation of Oedipus Rex.

2011-13:  University of Liverpool:  Performances of Greek Drama by Drama Society at University of Liverpool 

May 2012: Agamemnon by Aeschylus (Rathbone Theatre),

March 2013: Oedipus Rex by Sophocles(Stanley Theatre) 

Research Funding

Self-funded research project.