Patrick Biedermann

Postgraduate Research Student


Patrick was awarded an MA in Near Eastern Archaeology (Major Honours) and Cuneiform studies (Minor Honours) from Goethe University. 

Patrick has extensive archaeological fieldwork experience from his time working on several projects including excavations in Israel, Iraq, Syria, France, Slovakia and Bulgaria amongst others.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"From Clay to Stone: Architecture, Urbanism, monumentality and political change in Northern Syria based on Steinbau I (Area A) at Tell Chuera, Syria"

Patrick's thesis deals with results of the extensive but mainly unpublished excavations of a large temple complex inside the temenos area of Tell Chuera – the largest of the so-called Kranzhügel-sites and one of the key sites in 3rd Millennium Northern Mesopotamia. Besides a large palatial complex, residential- and production areas also a large temenos characterises the topography of the site. The research aims to gain more information about the site itself, about the development of religious structures and institutions and about urbanisation processes during the 3rd Millennium in Northern Mesopotamia. 

Patrick's broader research interests include the Chalcolithic and Bronze age periods of the Near East, the origins of urbanisation and early religion as well as the spatial organisation of early settlements. 

Research Funding

University of Liverpool Graduate Teaching Fellowship programme.

Teaching and Learning Experience

Patrick is involved with the Graduate Teaching Fellowship programme at the University of Liverpool.