Ozlem Saritas

Postgraduate Research Student



Ozlem was awarded with a BA and an MA in Archaeology from Istanbul University. Subsequently, Ozlem achieved an MSc in Osteoarchaeology from the University of Sheffield.

Research Interests 

Thesis Title

"Hunting and Early Herding Strategies in the Neolithic of Central Anatolia: the 9th millenium site of Boncuklu Höyük"

Ozlem's research examines the site of Boncuklu Höyük, a site which witnesses the appearance of some of the first sedentary communities in Central Anatolia. In general, the inhabitants appear to be indigenous hunter-gatherer-foragers, but it is not clear whether they initiated the herding or management of local species, or received imports from colonizing farming communities. To address this question, this research project intends to focus on the zooarchaeological assemblages from Boncuklu Hoyuk, and place them in a broader context of Central Anatolia, to attempt to understand the nature of human-animal interactions through time. Indigenous domestication should be marked by gradual changes in morphology, body size, age structures and relative abundance in the Neolithic. The wild managed or domesticated status of species at Boncuklu Hoyuk will be established by using zooarchaeological methods.

Ozlem's broader research interests include the study of domestication, human-animal relationships, animal symbolism and animal consumption in the Roman-Byzantine period.

Research Funding

Funded by the Ministry of Education in Turkey.