Natalie Vickers

Postgraduate Research Student


Natalie was awarded with a 1st Class BA in Egyptology while at the University of Liverpool and then attained her MA with distinction in Egyptology at the same university.

Outside of her studies Natalie has organised seminars on Egyptian Language and Literature as oart of the University of Liverpool graduate teaching fellowship scheme. In addition to this, Natalie has also worked with several museums in Liverpool including, the World Museum and the Garstang Museum, where she has given guided tours. She is also a member of the AMPAL 2017 organisation committee.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

""Stylistic and Linguistic Change in the Wisdom Literature of Middle and New Kingdom Egypt: A Sociolinguistic Approach to the Broadening of the Literary Class"

Works belonging to the broad genre of Egyptian wisdom literature underwent both stylistic and linguistic change during the period between the Middle Kingdom and the Ramesside Era. The compositions of the Middle Kingdom, written in classical Middle Egyptian, are characterised by highly formal and markedly poetic language. Contrastingly, the texts of the New Kingdom were influenced by the development of the dialect known as Late Egyptian: a style which shows much freer – even colloquial – patterns, and a decrease in the poetic structuring previously favoured. Using fine grain linguistic analysis and quantitative techniques borrowed from sociolinguistics such as ‘variation theory’, the project explores how both linguistic and thematic changes might be indicative firstly of an increase in literacy levels, and secondly to question whether these changes show class differences in the audience, or rather reflect broad societal change.

Research Funding

University of Liverpool Graduate Teaching Fellowship scheme.