Lucy Timbrell

Postgraduate Research Student 


Lucy Timbrell is a PhD student in the Archaeology of Human Origins research group. She completed her BSc in Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Liverpool and her MPhil in Biological Anthropological Science at the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral research at the University of Liverpool involves understanding population dynamics during the Middle Stone Age, using a combination of habitat modelling and geometric morphometrics of lithic points. As part of her research, she is working collaboratively with museums across Africa and Europe to develop remote methods of data collection. Alongside her PhD, Lucy coordinates popular science communication initiative Conversations in Human Evolution, co-organises the Evolutionary Anthropology Webinar Series and is one of the founders of the NOrthern Palaeo EvoAnth (NOPE) network. She is also a statistics tutor with the KnowHow team based at the University of Liverpool library.

Thesis Title

"Movement, interaction and structure: modelling population networks in the eastern African Middle Stone Age"

Research Interests

modern human diversity; human-environment interactions; past population structure; geometric morphometrics; Middle Stone Age

Research Funding

North-West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (AHRC)

The Leakey Foundation Research Grantee

The Wenner Gren Foundation Dissertation Grant

The Lithic Studies Society Jacobi Bursary Awardee