Lucy Quine

Postgraduate Research Student


Lucy was awarded with an MA in Literature and Film from the University of York. Lucy then went on to achieve another MA, this time in Classics whilst at the University of Liverpool. 

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Herodotus in Modernity"

Lucy's research seeks to explore literary responses to Herodotus’ Histories in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Over the millennia following its composition Herodotus’ work has been an attractive resource for a diverse range of authors, and this was certainly the case during the last century. Indeed, the broad scope of the Histories is reflected in the variety of genres that feature engagements with it. Herodotus can be found, for example, in historical fiction, fantasy, historiographic metafiction, travel literature, and even in anti-racist polemics. Lucy's aim, therefore, is to examine what trends are in evidence across these examples, as well as identifying the contexts and agendas that have informed their construction.

Research Funding