Kevin Stoba

Postgraduate Research Student


Kevin was awarded with a BA in Archaeology and Ancient History from the University of Liverpool. Later on, whilst studying at the same university, Kevin was awarded with an MA in Ancient History.

Outside of his studies, Kevin has over four years experience of teaching people English whilst living in Russia.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Mapping Mithraic Cults Across the Roman West"

Kevin's project explores the iconography, ritual, epigraphy and architecture associated with Mithras-worship across the Roman west. Much Mithraic scholarship has tried to construct ‘beliefs’, doctrines, and mythical narratives, and in doing so has often treated geographically diverse evidence as representative of a uniform phenomenon (‘Mithraism’). However, although there is some remarkable uniformity in the evidence, there is also clear regionalisation. I am using network analysis to demonstrate and probe these tendencies towards regionalisation. This involves building and examining networks (based on typologies of Mithraic data) which show regional clustering, sites which bridged different clusters, and the strength of ties within clusters and elsewhere.

Kevin is also developing visualisations of the dispersal of this data and the regionalised patterns which emerge. Network approaches inform the investigation into the spread of Mithras-worship, relationships within/between Mithraic groups, the lived experience of participants, and the role of Mithraic culture(s) in identity formation.

Kevin's broader research interests include Classical era religion, ancient cult religions and mythologies, religious art and iconography.

Research Funding 

Arts and Humanities Research Council and the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (AHRC and NWCDTP).