Katherine Slinger

Postgraduate Research Student



Katherine was awarded a BA and an MA in Egyptology whilst studying at the University of Liverpool.

Outside of her studies, Katherine is a PGCE qualified teacher with several years professional experience, gained prior to the onset of her post-graduate research.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Tomb Families: Private Tomb Distribution in the New Kingdom Theban Necropolis"

Katherine's thesis focuses on the Theban Necropolis and the multitude of tombs scattered across the site. Her research compares the geographical locations of these tombs with numerous factors influencing non-royal tomb distribution, in particular the reign in which tombs were built, the occupations of tomb owners, and familial relationships between them, in order to identify potential patterns between contemporary tombs, or members of the same profession or family. These patterns are then analysed to provide a deeper understanding of how the necropolis was organised, what this tells us about tomb allocation, and the importance placed on certain areas at particular times or to certain groups, in order to understand how the tomb linked to the wider sacred landscape of Thebes. The connection between the Old and Middle Kingdom tombs and their New Kingdom neighbours is also considered.

Research Funding

Sir Joseph Rotblat Alumni Scholarship