John Knight

Postgraduate Research Student


John was awarded with a BA in Ancient and Medieval History from Edinburgh University. Subsequently, John recieved his MA in Classical Studies with the Open University. 

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Archaic Milesian Migration in Though and Reality"

John's thesis focuses on the establishment of Milesian settlements across the Mediterranean, Aegean, Propontic and Black Seas between ca 750 and 495 BCE. During this era over fifty settlements were apparently established by Milesians, from Egypt to the Don basin in southern Russia. Using methodologies drawn for post-colonialism, migration studies and structuration theory, this work seeks to understand the processes behind migratory behaviour in the ancient world. It will focus principally on the ways in which geographical and cultural contexts impact upon the movement of individuals and groups, the socio-cultural character of settlements formed from the interaction between immigrant and indigenous populations, and the discursive devices used to frame this process and their impact upon ancient and modern conceptions of migratory narratives and identity construction.

John's broader research interests include the Hellenistic Age, the Roman Republic era, Latin American history, 20th century history and archaeology.