Henry Pelgrift

Postgraduate Research Student



Henry was awarded a BA in Archaeology from the George Washington University. After securing his undergraduate degree, Henry then went on to achieve his MA in Mediterranean Archaeology from University College London.

Outside of his studies, Henry has worked at the British Museum as part of the department of the Middle East. He has also participated in over 13 seasons of archaeological fieldwork.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Untold Stories: How Cylinder Seal's defined Ancient Near Eastern Material Culture Studies"

Henry's research focuses on the impact of cylinder seals in the development of the art history and archaeology of the ancient Near East. Henry's thesis looks at individual scholars and amateurs from the Early Modern Period through today whose work helped advance the study of cylinder seals both in its own right and in the wider context of interpretation and reception of ancient Near Eastern Material Culture. This is analysed in context with the development and trends in art history and archaeology of the ancient Near East as the fields were established. Henry's thesis will show that cylinder seals were essential to the development of ancient Near Eastern Material Culture Studies and that their influence is still felt today.

Henry's broader research interests include; the study of Art History and archaeology in the context of the ancient Near East, object biographies and the histories of museum artefacts.

Research Funding