Gabriella Longhitano

Postgraduate Research Student


Gabriella was awarded with a MA double degree in Archaeology from the University of Catania and the University of Warsaw.

Outside of her studies, Gabriella has been involved in excavations and material analysis in Sicily and Crete (Phaistos and Prinias). Gabriella also did a three-month internship at the Centre for Textile Research of Copenhagen. 

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Textile activity and its tools: indicators of cultural identity and interaction processes in Sicily and the Aeolian islands (13th-5th century BC)"

Gabriella's thesis investigates traditions of textile manufacture in the indigenous cultures of Sicily and the Aeolian Islands between the XIII and V centuries BC.

The aim is to explore the impact of cultural interactions on textile traditions and identity of the indigenous communities.

These islands have been crossroads for millennia and indigenous communities interacted with Greek and Punic incomers who established settlements from the VIII century BC. The results of these cultural interactions are often perceived to have stimulated changes in indigenous material culture and technologies and changes can also be detected in textile technology. Gabriella's research considers women as agents in cultural interactions and investigates their choices in making textiles. Moreover, the project explores the social and economic significance of both textiles and tools themselves.

Gabriella's wider research interests encompass social, economic and technological aspects of textile production in the Bronze and Iron age sites of the Mediterranean.

Research Funding

Partially funded by the Pasold Research fund, the Andrew Sherratt Travel Award and the Peet Travel Award.