Diana Nikolova

Postgraduate Research Student



Diana was awarded with a BA in Egyptian Archaeology from the University of Liverpool. Subsequently, at the same university, she achieved her MA in Archaeology.

Outside of her studies, Diana has worked as a volunteer at both the World Museum and the Garstang Museum, helping to create two exhibitions while working at the latter institution.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Debasement and Economic Fluctuations in Hellenistic Egypt: Compositional Analysis of Ptolemaic Silver and Bronze Coinage."

Diana's research aims to establish the level of debasement (the practice of lowering the amount of precious metals in a given coin) if any in Ptolemaic silver and bronze coinage. In order to determine this, a representative corpus of coins will be tested using a minimally invasive technique. The samples will then be analysed using a microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometer (MP-AES). The main aim of this thesis is to present a coherent charting of the economic changes that occurred during the Ptolemaic Dynasty, a time span filled with royal infighting and territorial wars.

Research Funding

Funded by the University of Liverpool Graduate Teaching Fellowship.