Dan Socaciu

Postgraduate Research Student



Dan recieved a BA and an MA in Archaeology from the University of Pisa.

Outside of his studies, Dan has worked on archaeological field schools in Dhiban and Metsamor in the Near East. In addition to this, Dan has presented at the BANEA 2017 and Broadening Horizons 5 conferences.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Multiculturalism in the ancient world: a critical interdisciplinary assessment of the Urartian kingdom, its material culture and peoples"

Dan is using GIS to analyse both the spatial distribution and the chronology of Urartian inscriptions. This is highlighting an uneven distribution, with a focus of royal activities only in certain areas, disconnected from each other. I will choose single sites as case studies for some of these areas, in order to analyse the presence of local cultures within Urartian sites, and the continuity in time of the sites. Dan's goal is to emphasise the different regional identities within the kingdom of Urartu, and also to analyse how different ways of doing archaeology, influenced by the political and social environment of the different modern states, created the images and interpretations of Urartu we currently have.

Research Funding