Daniel Brown

Postgraduate Research Student


Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Deciphering the Language of Etruscan Dress: a Hierarchical Clustering Analysis Re-Tailoring Tarquinian Tomb Painting"

Daniel's thesis aims to identify and investigate the pictorial forms, language and structures of painted dress amidst Tarquinian tomb painting, so as to re-tailor understanding of Tarquinia, it tombs, and its tomb paintings throughout the Archaic and Classical periods of ancient Italy. Tarquinian painted dress is examined by the application of a methodological approach that identified and investigates its structures through the application of a hierarchical clustering analysis. The analysis makes use of numerical procedures to divide a group of given units into homogenous sub-groups, which allow for the visual inspection of an otherwise complex set of data-matrices. Consequently, it provides new insight into Etruscan dress' and painted tombs' broader significance amidst wider Etrsucan society.

Daniel's broader research interests encompass Italian archaeology, Classical archaeology and the Etruscan civilisation. 

Research Funding

Sir Joseph Rotblat Alumni Scholarship