Charlotte Sargent

Postgraduate Research Student


Charlotte achieved a 1st Class BA and then an MA with distinction, both in Egyptology, whilst studying at the University of Liverpool.

Outside of her studies, Charlotte works as a curatorial assistant at the Garstang Museum and Co-organises the ACE Work in Progress seminar series.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"The Conceptualisation, Expression and Social Context of Friendship in Egypt in the 2nd Millenium BC"

Charlotte's two main research agendas involve an investigation into the linguistic expression of friendship in Egypt in the 2nd millennium BC and, secondly, the location of friendship in a social context. The vocabulary of friendship identifies primary data, and categorises its narrative through defining contemporary attitudes. This then provides the basis for the place and function of friendship in social networks, ideology, and etiquette. Charlotte's study will exploit a broad range of textual sources, including biographies, documents, literature, letters, and funerary texts, all of which present interpersonal relationships in unique contexts.

Research Funding

Sir Joseph Rotblat Alumni Scholarship.