Carly Ameen

Postgraduate Research Student


Carly was awarded a BA in Anthropology from Williams College, Massachusetts. Subsequently, Carly moved to study in Scotland where she was awarded with an MSc in Archaeological Science from the University of Aberdeen.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"A new look at an old friend: A geometric, morphometric approach to examining morphological diversity and investigating human-canid relationships in New World prehistory"

Carly's thesis focuses on the nature of human-canid relationships through the investigation of morphological diversity among modern and archaeological canid populations in the New World. While much of the current research into dog domestication has focused on deciphering the timing, location, and subsequent spread of the domestic dog, less effort has been put into understanding the changing cultural role of dogs after their domestication. The New World offers a unique chance to examine these changing relationships between dogs and humans in prehistory since dogs are arguably the most important domestic animal in the Americas prior to European arrival. Using advanced geometric morphometric techniques, as well as stable isotope and DNA analysis, my thesis examines dog remains from prehistoric archaeological sites across the New World to investigate the processes, timing and spread of domestic dog morphologies and interpret the diverse and fluid cultural relationships between humans and domestic dogs in prehistory.  

Carly's broader research interests include zooarchaeology, morphology, animal archaeology and animal husbandry.

Research Funding 

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).