Adam Benton

Postgraduate Research Student


Adam was awarded a BSc in Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Liverpool and later on recieved an MSc in Palaeanthropology, also from the University of Liverpool.

Outside of his studies, Adam is involved in delivering lectures at public events around the North West. In addition to this, Adam contributes toward the human evolution website "Filthy Monkey Men".

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Size Matters: A large-scale analysis of archaeological proxies for Palaeolithic demography"

Demography is argued to be a key factor driving human evolution. The social brain hypothesis, for example, posits increasing group size as a selective pressure in the evolution of our encephalization. Accordingly, a lot of research has been focused on studying Palaeolithic demography via archaeological proxies. Examples of this include inferring mobility from the movement of raw materials around a landscape or using the ratios of lithics at a site to study how long it was inhabited. Despite this extensive research, most investigations into these proxies only examines one or two of these measurements, often at only a handful of sites. This obviously opens up the research to being biased by the many confounding variables associated with demography. Adam's research aims to rectify this by carrying out the largest examination of demographic proxies in the archaeological record, examining dozens of measurements from hundreds of occupation phases across the French Palaeolithic. 

Adam's broader research interests include methods of science communication and human evolution.