Chris Mee Travel Award

The Chris Mee Mediterranean Travel Award has been created in memory of Professor Chris Mee to support undergraduate and taught postgraduate students in the disciplines of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology at the University of Liverpool.

The purpose of the Award is to facilitate travel to the Mediterranean region* where the recipients might take part in study tours, such as those with the British School at Athens, or participate on an archaeological field project to gain a better understanding of the archaeology of the Ancient Greek World (covering any point from Prehistory to the Hellenistic Period).

Two awards of up to £500 each will usually be given each year.

*For the purposes of the award we define the Mediterranean region as including all of the islands and the land around the Mediterranean Sea.

How to apply

Applications for the next round of Chris Mee Travel Awards will be due for submission in April 2019; further details will follow on this page.