Why Classics?

  • The study of Greek and Latin teaches students how languages, including English, work.
  • The study of Greek and Latin enhances critical thinking and analytical skills, improving literacy and performance across a range of school subjects.
  • Learning about classical history and culture opens up a window to various aspects of the classical world which are still important for the development of the modern world.
  • Studying classical subjects is an education- and life-enhancing experience.
  • Classical subjects are becoming increasingly more popular in schools all around the United Kingdom.
  • Ancient History is now available as a GCSE subject in secondary schools.
  •  Latin and Ancient Greek are now included in the National Curriculum list of foreign language options for primary schools.
  • Several charities and famous patrons, including politicians, broadcasters and academics, support initiatives that aim to spread the study of the classical world.
  • The benefits of studying the ancient world, especially in terms of developing literacy, are becoming gradually more apparent throughout the United Kingdom.
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