Continuing Education Courses

Investigate the Ancient World

Continuing Education courses delivered through our Department of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology provide a truly unique range of subjects for you to study. The expertise of both our academic staff and postgraduate students enables us to deliver an exceptionally wide range of courses in a range of very diverse but complimentary fields.

Courses on offer range from Greek and Roman language and literature to Mediterranean Archaeology, from British Prehistory to Human Evolution and from Egyptology to Near Easter Archaeology, and much more.

Certificate in Higher Education

The Certificate in Higher Education (Archaeological Studies) is awarded to those who have accumulated 120 credits in Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology courses taken in Continuing Education.

With the exception of the language pathways (Latin, Greek and Hieroglyphs) which require courses to be taken in a specific order), there is no set pathway for your studies and you have the freedom to pick and choose courses based solely on your interests. Each module carries 10 credits and, by taking just one module per term, you could expect to have met the requirements for the Cert. HE (Archaeological Studies) in six years.

Please note, however, that there is no time restraint on the accumulation of the 120 credits. You are encouraged to work at your own pace. We are happy to offer guidance on course choice throughout your studies.

More information

Most short courses are of ten weeks' duration and are taught by means of a two-hour class for each of the ten weeks. To learn more please visit our Department of Continuing Education.