BANEA Annual Conference 2019

The University of Liverpool is proud to host the Annual Conference of the British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology from 22-24 February 2019.

Mind the Gap

Research into the ancient Near East (we include Egypt within our conference remit) has a rich history. However, the term ‘ancient Near East’, and the research therein, appear often to lack coherence. Boundaries between periods, areas, and sub-disciplines retain a disproportionate focus in scholarly research, thus inhibiting a comprehensive understanding of ancient Near Eastern societies. Some periods remain poorly studied, with the transitional periods between them lacking adequate research.

Similarly, a clear understanding of the area known as the Near East is complicated by questions surrounding its geographic boundaries. Whilst the region has existed throughout time within a wider network of connectivity, it is often discussed as if isolated from its neighbouring regions.

In addition, 20th-century borders are frequently projected onto the past, effectively segregating regions which were deeply connected. Partitioning is also observed between the various sub-disciplines of Near Eastern studies, which include textual, biological, material, and digital studies. Integrating older data sets with newer evidence and new methodologies also remains a challenge.

Bridging these gaps within the research of the ancient Near East remains a major challenge we invite researchers to address at BANEA 2019 in this Call for Papers and sessions.

View the preliminary BANEA19 programme.

Sessions include:

  • Mind the Gap
  • Archaeology of Food in the Ancient Near East
  • Archaeology of Religion, Rituals and Temples
  • Fieldwork and New Research
  • Heritage in the Middle East – Moving Beyond Destruction
  • Manufacturing processes and cognitive underpinnings
  • Morphology, Infrastructure and Relational Space in Settlements
  • Sedentism – Mind the Gap
  • The Dead and the Living: Integrating the Evidence

Other programme events include:

Registration is now open and will close at 5pm on Monday 18 February 2019.

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