Laureate Online Education (LOE)

The partnership between University of Liverpool (UoL) and Laureate Online Education (LOE) was initially established with Laureate Online Education’s predecessor organisations in 2000. Laureate Online Education has its operational base in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The arrangement between the University of Liverpool and Laureate Online Education (Laureate) for the operation of the University's online education brand. Liverpool Online, will run until April 2021, after which date the parties have decided to explore separate future directions in online education. Both parties remain committed to delivering a high quality experience for studnets and will continue to work collaboratively until April 2021, to enable current students to complete their taught modules under the present arrangements.


There are currently over 40 online Masters programmes and 2 Doctorate programmes being delivered through the partnership between UoL and Laureate Online Education. The focus is on providing professional development across the subject areas of Education, Business, Law, Health, Psychology and Computer Science predominantly aimed at working professionals who therefore benefit from the flexibility of online delivery.

The Programmes offered by the LOE and UoL partnership are awards of the University of Liverpool and all students are registered as UoL students.

LOE maintain the online learning platform, provide support for the students and recruit and develop the online instructors. LOE uses remotely based instructors to support the delivery of the programmes through a wholly online platform to students who are recruited globally.

The UoL holds responsibility for the quality assurance of the online programmes and the partnership, the UoL is also responsible for external examining, Boards of Studies, Boards of Examiners and the approval of new programmes. The University of Liverpool delegates some areas of responsibility to LOE, these included admissions, student registration and enrolment and moderation, whilst the responsibility for these areas are delegated to LOE the UoL maintain oversight of these processes and procedures, to ensure compliance with the The UK Quality Code for Higher Education, the UoL Code of Practice on Assessment and other relevant requirements.

The quality assurance and enhancement process as well as the delivery model are the same regardless of the Programmes of Study or the country in which the student is resident whilst studying on the online programmes.


Many online programmes offered by the University of Liverpool and Laureate Online Education partnership receive an additional sector based accreditation. These are often awarded by professional bodies who provide an extra level of scrutiny in respect of what they wish to see to support standards in their specific sector. Typically, we would find these external accreditation agencies operating in disciplines such as medicine, engineering, management et al.

Please find below a summary of the current accreditations held for the online programmes.

Computer Studies

BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) Accreditation for the 6 specialist programmes within Computer Science

n.b. this accreditation does not cover MSc Information Systems and Technology

Master of Public Health

APHEA (Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation)


AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) – for all programmes in business and management subjects within the Management School


British Psychological Society (applies to the MSc Psychology only)

Roles and Responsibilities


Key Contacts

Guidance on Procedures

QA Operational Framework for Online Programmes