Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy shared research facility (STEM-SRF)

We focus on advancing both operando experiments and the use of AI to acquire, reconstruct and analyse images.

A unique feature of the STEM-SRF is its primary focus on the use of in-situ and operando stages. Our research looks at developing new applications for gas/liquid/open cell experiments that push the limits of spatial and temporal resolution for dynamic processes across broad areas of science and technology.

In addition, we are pursuing a science driven integration of key AI concepts into an optimal simultaneous acquisition and interpretation protocol for all our STEM methods.

The main thrust of this AI4STEM approach is a compressed sensing (CS)/AI framework that will permit a range of advanced quantitative multi-scale hyperspectral data to be obtained and reconstructed using orders of magnitude fewer pixels than in conventional methods, i.e. images will be obtained under extremely low dose and/or dose rate conditions with vastly accelerated framerates.

This dose/speed/resolution optimisation creates wide-ranging new opportunities to avoid electron beam damage and is being used to obtain quantified atomic scale observations of metastable materials and processes.

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