Prof James Gallagher B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Professor Musculoskeletal Biology I


    Research Interest 1

    Cell and molecular biology of bone.

    Research Grants
    • Bone anabolic effects of low dose parathyroid hormone.
    • ICAC (Integrated Clinical Arthritis Centre) Grant.
    • Investigating the mechanisms of ATP release and interconversion from osteoblasts.
    • Regulation of P2Y receptor-mediated Ca2+ transients by membrane potential in arterial smooth muscle cells.
    • Investigation of how extracellular nucleotides synergise with growth factors to stimulate gene expression, cell proliferation and neoplastic progression
    • Find AKUre.
    • ATPBone—Fighting osteoporosis by blocking nucleotides: purinergic signalling in bone formation and homeostasis
    • Establishment of an advanced electron microscopy unit.
    • The Pathogenesis of Tissue Damage in Alkaptonuria
    • High resolution analysis of phenotype in manipulated complex tissues.
    • A preclinical feasibility study using recombinant homogentisic acid dehydrogenase as an enzyme replacement therapy for Alkaptonuria
    • Nociceptive purinergic P2X receptors in equine laminae and nerves – potential molecular targets for treating laminitis
    • Effects of ultrasound on ATP release from human osteoblasts in vitro.
    • ATP Binding Cassette (ABC) Transporters in Bone.
    • Academic Secretary Grant.
    • Investigation of the Mechanisms of Synergy and Consequences of Co-activation of Osteoblasts by Parathyroid Hormone and Extracellular Nucleotides.
    • Alkaptonuria PhD student
    • DevelopAKUre - Clinical Development of Nitisinone for Alkaptonuria
    • Investigation of isoform-specific effects of PTHrP (1-173) in human osteoblasts.
    • Initiating events in the pigmentation of connective tissues that is the basis of the genetic disease Alkaptonuria
    • Advanced Study of AKU in the Hgd-/-Mouse
    • Administration of B.N.A.
    • The expression and functional significance of P2 receptor subtypes in normal and pathological bone.
    • Assessment of Ochronosis in Ear Biopsies in AKU Patients
    • Assessment of Disease Progress in the Rare Disease Alkaptonuria by Quantitative Image Analysis
    Research Collaborations