Providing Support

How you can help

Watching your child move away from home for the first time can be a difficult experience for most people and sometimes it can be hard to judge how much you need to get involved.

You can support your son or daughter by providing level-headed advice on how to approach any problems they might be having and importantly pointing them in the direction of who they need to talk to.

We provide a team of trained Residential Advisers who live amongst our students and are on-call out of office hours and at weekends to provide assistance.  They are able to deal with difficult situations and provide a friendly face for students to talk to if help is required.

It is a good idea if you are present when your son or daughter accepts their room offer, this will be completed online and they will have the chance to fully read and obtain a copy of their agreement before entering into it. Please remember that the agreement is a legally binding contract between your son or daughter and the University and that accommodation is one of the largest commitments they will make whilst at University.

Whilst accepting their room offer, there is also an online e-induction that all students complete and this contains a checklist of all the items that they will need to bring with them when arriving at their halls of residence.

We would also recommend that you visit our student fees page in order to read through the terms and conditions that will apply to all students whilst at the University.


Getting Ready

There are many ways that you can help to prepare your son or daughter to live in a socially responsible way and these should include:

  • Talking through how to budget sensibly
  • Ensure that they know how to cook a hot snack or basic meal
  • Demonstrating the correct cleaning products to use for certain surfaces and the importance of keeping up with cleaning
  • Making sure that you read through their tenancy agreement with them and highlight any key points
  • Encouraging them to ask for help if they need it
  • Use our handy list of what to bring with you


Above all, don't forget that the University provides a fantastic support network to our students so please encourage them to use it.