Our Pastoral Care

Student welfare and discipline within the halls are the responsibility of our Hall Wardens, assisted by Senior Residential Advisers and the wider Residential Adviser team.

Our wardens are all senior members of staff who live in our halls of residence ensuring that all of our students get the support and assistance they need throughout their time in University accommodation.

The team are there to help you with any personal problems and aim to assist students by being pastoral leaders. You will usually meet with your Warden at the Welcome events during the first few days of term: it is very important that you attend these events as there will be information specific to your hall of residence. Our Wardens and their Residential Adviser Teams rely on your help and consideration to maintain a community and environment in which all residents can study, sleep, relax and enjoy themselves safely.

Our Residential Adviser team provides an on-call emergency service 8pm-7.30am Monday-Friday and 6pm-9am Saturday-Sunday.

You can find your Hall Warden and duty Residential Adviser's contact details by following the links below.

Carnatic Student Village Contacts

Greenbank Student Village Contacts

City Campus Contacts