Undergraduate Entry 2020/21 FAQs

XJTLU 2+2 Students

We have a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page for our XJTLU students coming to Liverpool on the 2+2 programme, please click here.

When will I receive my offer of accommodation and how do I accept it?

Conditional offer holders will receive an offer of accommodation once exam results have been released and you have confirmed that you will be attending the University of Liverpool.  We will be sending out offers of accommodation from Monday 17th August.  Please continue to check your emails including junk and spam as well as the Liverpool Life portal from this date.

Unconditional offer holders who have already received their results and have accepted their offer to study will receive an offer within a couple of weeks of applying, providing that they have confirmed their place and apply before the 30th June 2020.  Any unconditional offer holders who accept their offer to study after, or meet the entry requirements after this date will receive their offer in August.

Students who come through via Clearing will receive their offer of accommodation from 17th August. For more information, please visit our Results and Clearing page.

To accept, simply follow the directions in the email, log into Liverpool Life and accept the Student Licence. Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before accepting.

I am a UK UG 1st Year, what are the Dates of my Accommodation Licence?

For First Year UG UK Students, due to Covid-19, our Student Licence has slightly different dates. Your offer will be for a 37 week contract from 5th October 2020 to 19th June 2021. You will be able to arrive earlier than this in time for welcome week. Around the end of August, you will be invited to choose an arrival slot in order to move into halls. These will be available from 26th September  - 4th October. You will not be charged for arriving during this period.

What is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to fall within our guarantee is the 31st July 2020.  Students who apply after this will fall out of the guarantee although we will do our best to assist you.

Students joining us in September 2020, applying through Clearing, are able to apply for University accommodation. We will assist applicants in securing good quality accommodation in University Approved Accommodation situated close to campus or in our own Halls of Residences

I haven't received one of my preferences

We ask students to select 3 preferences when making their application.  These are preferences only and are not guaranteed.  When allocating rooms, we do this based on date of application.  We will look at your 1st preference, if this is not available, we’ll then look at your 2nd and 3rd.  If none of your preferences are available we will then look to offer an alternative.  If you do receive an offer for an alternative accommodation, we recommend that you accept this and then place yourself on the room move waiting list.  We will then look to move you either before you arrive, or if this is not possible, then we will look to move you after your arrival when rooms become available and we are able to offer new rooms.  There is no timeline for this as it is heavily dependent on availability.  However, all of our accommodation is of a high standard and either new, recently new or refurbished.

How can I change my preferences?

If you want to change your preferences, we are able to do this up until 31st July 2020.  Simply email the accommodation office accommodation@liverpool.ac.uk with your new preferences in full as per below:

Student ID Number (Please include this on all correspondence to the accommodation office to avoid any delays)

1. Hall, room type, self catered/catered 

2. Hall, room type, self catered/catered 

3. Hall, room type, self catered/catered 

Please note that there is only a catered option in Vine Court

We will then amend these for you and send confirmation.  Changing your preferences does not affect your application date, this will remain the same.

When we make these changes, this will not show on Liverpool Life, however, we will send you a screenshot of your application to confirm these changes have been made.

How can I request to move rooms?

If you have received and accepted an offer of accommodation and wish to change your room, you can do this on the Liverpool Life portal under the requests section.

Simply log into Liverpool Life with your Student ID and PIN

Click on "continue to your application" under the accommodation section

Select the academic year and click on the "requests" section.

You will see a button to place a room move.  Put the details of the room/hall you would like to move to and this will then be sent to the accommodation office.

When selecting a room move, there is no guarantee that this will happen before your arrival and is heavily dependant on availability.

When should I pay the booking fee?

We ask that students pay their booking fee as soon as possible, and before you move in.  When you have paid your booking fee you will be able to proceed to the induction and pick an arrival slot (when these have been opened in September).

Your booking fee then becomes a “damage deposit” which is refunded to you after you have vacated providing there are no damages to your room or outstanding fees.  Please be advised that if you accept a contract and don’t pay a booking fee, you are still liable for the contract and the accommodation fees after 7 days of accepting the offer. 

Can I cancel my contract?

You can cancel your contract within 7 days of accepting your offer without any penalties and you will receive your booking fee/deposit back.

After 7 days, you are legally bound to the terms of the contract agreement.  If you are cancelling after 7 days, you will remain liable for the accommodation and the fees unless another student is found to take over your contract.  This student must not already have accepted a contract within our halls and must be of the same student type, i.e. if you are a 1st undergraduate student, then the room must go to a 1st year undergraduate.

If you are released from your contract after the 7 day cooling offer period, your booking fee will not be refunded.

Students who accept an offer but do not arrive in their accommodation from the arrival date will be liable for the full accommodation fees unless another student is found to take over their contract.

If you wish to cancel your contract you must place a contract termination request on the Liverpool Life portal.  You will find this under the "request" tab of your application.  

You can find more information here.

I need a specific room/hall due to medical reasons, what should I do?

If you require a specific room due to a medical condition, please complete the Medical Evidence Template which must be signed by a GP/Specialist or returned with a note on lettere headed paper from the practice.  We will then take this into consideration when allocating rooms.  The deadline to provide us with this information to guarantee your priority room is the 1st August 2020.

We also recommend that you speak to our Student Welfare Advice and Guidance team who can look into any other arrangements you may require whilst in University.  We would especially advise you speak to the team if you need any adaptations to your room.

My room offer has expired

You are given 24 hours in which to accept a room offer.  When room offers expire the accommodation application is closed and the room is offered to another student. If you would like your accommodation application re-enabled you must contact the Accommodation Office on 0151 795 0319 and we will reopen your application. Please note that there is then no guarantee that the Accommodation Office will be able to send a second room offer or that it will be the same room type/location.

When will I receive my room number and arrival information?

Students will receive their room number information and arrival information early September.   Please continue to check your emails, including any junk/spam folders for further correspondence.  When you get your room number, please visit the Halls Life website for loads more information on planning for your arrival, your hall, welcome week, planned events and how to get to know your new flat mates.

How can I find out who I am living with?

We are unable to give you the names or any details of the people who will be in your flat/hall due to data protection laws (GDPR), however, you can find your flatmates and start getting to know them by ljoining the Official Halls facebook pages which can be found on the Halls Life site https://www.browzer.co.uk/liv/halls-facebook-groups-202021_92257

Please ensure you only join the official facebook groups on this site and beware of any other groups.

Can I live with my friends?

Due to the high volume of allocations made for 1st year undergraduates in such a short timeframe, we are uanble to arrange for you to live with your friends.  

This option is mainly for our returning undergraduates in their 2/3/4/5 year of student who want to create a flat with their friendship groups.

How and when do I pay my accommodation fees?

Shortly after your arrival you will receive an invoice from student fees.  This will detail your fees for the full contract as per what you accepted on Liverpool Life.

All fees are payable to student fees directly, not the accommodation office.  Fees can be paid in full in October, or you can pay them in 3 instalments (October, January and April) usually in line with when you receive your maintenace loans.

We urge you to set up your instalment plan before your arrival so that the direct debit is set up prior to your instalment date.  

Please visit the student fees website for regular updates and more information https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/feespayment/

You will also receive further information on paying fees in your pre-arrival email.  Please continue to check your emails.  if you do have any queries on instalment plans or paying fees, please contact Student Fees directly on feesenq@liverpool.ac.uk and ensure you provide them with your UOL student ID number.

When does the contract start and when can I move in?

The official contract start date for University Owned accommodation that you will be charged from is the 5th October.  However, this year, we will be arranging staggered arrivals to minimise the amount of students checking in at the same time. 

  • First year UK-based undergraduates will have phased arrival dates to join us on campus between 26 September and 2 October.  A series of Welcome events will run alongside this from 28 September to 2 October. This will be followed by a week-long university-wide Foundation Week, including a programme of study skills and cohort-building activities to support our new students, many of whom will have been out of an educational context for an extended period of time. Teaching will then begin on 12 October, although students on a number of healthcare and veterinary programmes will have a slightly different schedule for welcome and teaching. All students in university-owned accommodation will only be charged for their room from 5 October onwards.
  • First year overseas undergraduates and Year 3 XJTLU students will be advised to arrive and move into halls between 12 and 18 September on the basis that Government quarantine requirements of 14 days may still be in place.

    If you are in a country that is not part of the travel corridors (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors#travel-corridors-countries-and-territories-exemption-list) you will be required to quarantine. 

    If you are within the travel corridors, you can arrive from the 26th September. 

    As mentioned, all students in university-owned accommodation will only be charged for their room from 5 October onwards. As you would expect, we will be supporting students in quarantine as much as possible with supplies and through other means.  During this time, students will have check-in chats and the Halls Life Student Experience team and Student Support will be on hand to support them. In addition, bespoke English language provision will be provided for them along with online introductory webinars and presentations. 


I am planning on arriving in January, how do I apply?

We recommend students who are planning to arrive in January to contact us in November and we will then look to see what we have available for you.  We will look to provide you with accommodaiton either within our halls, or will look to offer you accomomdation with our unviersity approved providers in the private sector within walking distance of campus.  If you do receive an offer of accomodatoin from us starting in September/October but then decide that you are not coming until January, please reject this offer and contact us in November.

Can I move in earlier than the suggest dates?

We are unable to guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your earlier than the suggested arrival dates.  We therefore advise you do not make any plans to arrive earlier as you may not be able to move into accommodation. 

How do I pick an arrival slot?

When you have received your room number, you will also receive some pre-arrival information.  Within this it will contain details on how you can arrange an arrival slot.

Please be advised that if you wish to come on a certain date and time and this slot is not available, we are unable to offer you an arrival date at this time and you will need to make arrangements to arrive on a day/time that is available.

If students arrive without picking an arrival slot or not within the designated time they may have to wait a considerable time before they can be checked in.

This is to minimise on the amount of students checking in at one time and the social distancing methods that are required to be in place.  Please therefore ensure that you only arrive during your designated time slot.

How do I get the bus pass for Greenbank Student Village

We recommend that students purchase their bus pass through the Guild of Students.  The Guild often have a discount avaialble.  You can find more information on the Guild of Students website

Alternatively, you can visit Arriva's website here: https://www.arrivabus.co.uk/north-west/bus-tickets/student-travel-in-the-north-west/ although we would definitely recommend going through the Guild.

Can I bring my car with me to University for the year?

If you have arranged accommodation within our City Campus accommodation, we would advise you not to bring your car with you.  Our on campus accomomdation does not have any parking available, with the exception of Melville Grove, which is provided to students who require this due to a disability and is chargeable.  However, Liverpool City Centre has excellent transport links (bus and train) within a short walk from the campus.

Greenbank student village has parking available, although this is limited and is chargeable.

Will there be parking available for arrivals?

Yes, parking will be available for arrivals into your hall.  You will have a limited time within the car park(s) in which to transfer your belongings before you will need to remove your car and park in one of the car parks within the city centre.  You will receive more information in your pre-arrival email.

What do I need to bring to halls with me?

Please visit the important document section on recommended items to bring with your to your accommodation.  You can also view our video's on the Youtube Channel which provide you with advice on what to bring.

Are utilities and insurance included with the fees?

All utility bills and wi-fi is included within your accommodation fees aswell as basic contents insurance.  You can find a copy of the insurance policy within our important document section of the website.  The insurance can also be upgraded by yourself if needed at a cost.

TV licences for the communal areas are included within the fees.  However, you may require a TV licence for your own room. Please visit the TV licensing website for more information https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/for-your-home/students-aud1 

How can I apply for Car Parking at Greenbank or Melville?

We have very limited spaces available for students to bring their cars with them to University. We only recommend you do this if you require it for a specific reason such as placements, a medical requirement or care responsibilities.

To apply, please email the Accommodation Team accommodation@liverpool.ac.uk with the reasons required. The team will assess your need and if successful, you will receive the link to the online shop to pay in early September.

The cost is a one off annual fee of £155. This non refundable.