Residential Services Lock Out Procedure – Campus Residences 

Access Control Cards

On arrival students will be issued with an access control card which will give them access to their study bedroom, their flat and to relevant communal areas within the hall.  The access for each hall will be different.  Further details of specific access will be given in the site specific welcome handbooks.                                                                            

It is understood that this may be a new system which will require some orientation and for this reason the following measures have been agreed

Experience has demonstrated that loose cards can be easily mislaid or forgotten so all residents will be issued with a card holder and a lanyard to carry their card with them at all times.

There will be an orientation period after residents move in to allow adjustment to the new system.  After this time it is hoped that the card system will become more familiar. The orientation period will be UNTIL the 3rd OCTOBER.

This policy can be referenced in the Accommodation Agreement  2.4.1.

Following the orientation period students will still lock themselves out of their study bedrooms. This is time consuming for the halls staff so following the orientation period the following procedure will be followed.

For first and second lockouts the student will not be charged.

For third lockout a £5.00 charge will be made.    

Fourth & fifth lockouts same charge of £5.00.

Sixth – meeting arranged with Management to discuss situation.  Action will be determined following outcome of meeting.

Anything after this will be referred to Hall Manager and possibly Wardens – outcome dependent.

This charge will be added to your student account and is payable via the online portal. The invoice raised will need to be paid by the student within 28 days or it can affect their use of University systems.