Residential Services Lockout Procedure - Off Campus (Carnatic & Greenbank Halls)

On arrival students will be issued with a set of keys which will give access to your study bedroom, your flat and to relevant communal areas within the hall.  The access for each hall will be different.  Further details of specific access will be given in your arrival information.

There may be occasions when students have mislaid or lost keys. Any loss of keys should be reported immediately to the Hall Reception.  

The loss of keys is time consuming for the halls staff so if keys are lost or mislaid the following penalties will apply

Reception Opening Hours – Lost Keys

While the Reception desks are staffed Resident’s should report the loss to Reception immediately. 

If keys are lost a new set of keys will need to be purchased.  Replacement keys will be charged at £10.00 per key/fob and you will not be charged a lockout fee.

Please note that any missing keys that are not returned at the end of term will be charged £10 per key/fob.

Reception Opening Hours - Mislaid/temporary Keys

 In the event that you have left your keys at home, in a friend’s, at university, or you have mislaid your keys, a temporary key will be issued to allow access to your study bedroom for up to seven days whilst you locate your keys after seven days you will be charged for the full set of keys which you have to collect from reception.

Each occasion you require a temporary key will count as one lockout of halls and will be monitored.

Reception Closed – 12.00 midnight

The on duty security team should be contacted to gain access to your room by contacting the reception desk.

Each occasion you call to be let into your room will also count as one lockout of halls and will be monitored.

All halls lockouts will be monitored daily and charged as below:

For first and second lockouts the student will not be charged.

For third lockout a £5.00 charge will be made.    

Fourth & fifth lockouts same charge of £5.00.

Sixth – meeting arranged with Management to discuss situation.  Action will be determined following outcome of meeting.

Any charges raised will be added to your student account and will be payable via the online portal.