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Collecting Belongings left due to Covid-19

If you have left belongings in your bedroom due to leaving at short notice because of Covid-19, please follow the guidelines below when visiting your hall for collection.

The UK Government have now updated their Guidelines on returning to Halls to collect belongings. You can read the guidance here.

Only return to your hall if you have booked a timeslot to do so.  

Please check your emails for more information. If you have not received an email inviting you to book a timeslot, please email the Accommodation Team: 

Guidance for students whilst on site:

  1. You are permitted to bring a maximum of one person, who (given the current guidelines) must be from the household in which you are residing, to help collect your belongings from accommodation.
  2. Upon arrival, report to reception where you can collect your temporary key card/set of keys. If you need to collect keys for Melville Grove or Tudor Close, please note that this will be Vine Court.
  3. On your collection date, to ensure we can adhere to the social distancing guidelines, please only arrive at your allocated time.
  4. Please pack up as and load items into your departure vehicle in as few trips as possible 
  5. Only 1 person in a lift at one time.
  6. Keep a safe distance when in shared areas i.e. kitchens/corridors/stairwells and entrance lobbies.
  7. Trollies will be located near to your halls reception – please ensure your trolley is cleaned before and after use - a cleaning station will be available for you to clean the trollies. 
  8. Once your room is emptied and your belongings are loaded into your vehicle, please drop off your key card and any keys I to the allocated drop box in reception
  9. After you have dropped off your keys and key cards please email reception a confirmation that you have departed from site.

Collecting Belongings FAQs

How can I contact the Accommodation Team?


Phone: 0151 795 0319

When do I need to collect my belongings by?

Students are able to book a collection slot from 1st June until 10th July. We would anticipate that that majority of students should be able to collect their belongings within this timeframe. If you are unable to do so, please contact the Accommodation Team who can further advise on this.

I am an International Student and I do not know when I will be able to return to collect my belongings, what should I do?

If you are an international student who is unable to collect belongings, there are two options.

Option One: You can nominate a friend or family member to enter your room to collect your belongings on your behalf.

Option Two: You can arrange for a shipping or storage company to collect your belongings on your behalf.

Please contact the Accommodation Team via email in order to arrange access for this to happen. Alternatively, if you are unable to make either of these arrangements, please contact the Accommodation Team as soon as possible in order to find a solution.

Can someone come to halls to collect on the student’s behalf?

Yes, this can be facilitated, please email the Accommodation Team who will assist with the arrangement of this.

Can international students arrange for a courier service to collect their belongings?  

Yes, this can be facilitated, please email the Accommodation Team who will assist with the arrangement of this.

Can other friends/family (not from same house) assist with removing belongings as no household members drive:

You can view the latest travel arrangements agreed by the Government here:

As stated, if there is no other safe alternative, you will be able to travel in a vehicle with someone not from your household to collect your belongings.

I have left belongings in my room, but no longer need them. Please can you dispose of these?

It is preferred that if you have left belongings in your room that these are collected. However, if this is not possible, please contact the Accommodation Team and we will work on a solution for you.

Please bear in mind that it will not be possible to dispose of some items and keep others.

I am still checked in and living in halls, but will leave soon and would like to leave some belongings in my room until my new accommodation contract starts. Can I do this?

If you are currently in halls and are planning to depart, you will need to leave your room empty when you return your key card. There are a number of storage options available in Liverpool should you wish to store belongings for a period of time.



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