Paying for your accommodation

When you have accepted your conditional or unconditional firm course offer we will email you, detailing the accommodation we can offer you.

To accept this offer of accommodation you will need to go online, sign the tenancy agreement and pay a £150 non-returnable booking fee as part of your room offer acceptance.


Your rent will be payable at the beginning of each term in advance, by the following dates:-

      • 10th October 2018

      • 10th January 2019

      • 10th April 2019

      • 10th July 2019 (Postgraduate students only)


Please remember that by signing your contract you undertake to occupy the room for your full contract length, as detailed in your agreement.

Your contract is legally-binding and by accepting this you are making a financial commitment to the University for the duration of your stay.

If you have any queries about your payments please see the University Student Fees pages or contact our finance team.