Undergraduate Students

First year student accommodation

Make the right start

Our students come here to study but there is a lot more to University life. The best way to discover and enjoy it is to start off in our residences.

If you are a new undergraduate student, we guarantee to find your place in University accommodation if:

  • You have chosen the University of Liverpool as your 1st "Firm" choice & you have accepted an Unconditional Firm offer (UF) or a Conditional Firm offer (CF) and
  • You apply for your accommodation no later than 31st July. We recommend that you apply as soon as you receive your invitation email.

We are also able to offer either University or University-approved accommodation to students who have placed the University of Liverpool as their Insurance choice (CI) or students who come to the University through Clearing and our team guarantee to find your place.

We prioritise the allocation of rooms to students on the following basis:

  • Students who accept an unconditional "Firm" offer and are not result dependant (UF)
  • Students who put University of Liverpool as their “Firm” (1st) choice who will receive their examination results in August (CF)
  • Students who have University of Liverpool as their “Insurance” (2nd) choice (CI)
  • Students who come to the University through “Clearing”

**Please ensure that you complete your application for accommodation as soon as possible because the date you apply is also taken into consideration**

Take a look at our recent Undergraduate Accommodation Webinar below:


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