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Welcome to Liverpool

Welcome to Liverpool

Living in University accommodation is a great idea if you are coming to study for your course with the English Lanaguage Centre.

Our residences are friendly places to live, offer excellent accommodation and will make it easier for you to settle in to studying in the UK. Living on Campus has its benefits - short commute to class, close to restaurants and local amenities in an amazing student community.

Our halls at Vine Court for example have a restaurant which offers plenty of choice, dishes are freshly prepared using top quality ingredients and we cater for vegetarians, special dietary requirements and religious faiths.

The University's international advice & guidance team runs a welcome programme each year which covers all the basics of living in the UK.

This includes talks on UK life, campus tours and help with tasks such as opening a bank account or registering with a doctor, as well as social events.

University room rent covers your private study bedroom, utility bills, insurance for your belongings, Hi-Speed WiFi and use of communal social areas.

You'll Love Liverpool...

As a Pre-sessional English student you have a choice between two university accommodation contracts: “PSE only contract” or a “Combined contract”.

When studying on your Pre-sessional English course you can choose to live in University Accommodation either:

Only for the duration of your Pre-sessional English course. You will stay for a shorter period of time and will then need to move out at the end of your Pre-sessional English course.


In a "Combined contract" which covers both your Pre-sessional English course and your academic studies next year.

The main benefit of a combined contract is that you can live with your friends and stay in your room at the end of your Pre-sessional English course.

This also makes it easier as you don't need to provide a guarantor to live in Accommodation provided by the University or change your address at the end of your Pre-sessional English course.

Please note:

Applicants hoping to bring their families with them will not be able to stay in university halls of residence. More information can be found on the English Language Centre’s website.

You'll love Liverpool...

For those studying a shorter length of time at the English Language Centre for example, Activate English, we are able to find you accommodation within the city centre for the duration of your study.    

Our City Campus halls are located within 5-10 minutes walk from the English Language Centre.  These halls give students access to all of the facilities the campus offers, which include a large sports centre, restaurants, libraries, café’s and are within a short walking distance of Liverpool City Centre and the wealth of amenities on offer.

Please see our Activate English FAQ document for further information

If you need accommodation, you will need to click on Enquire about Accommodation and fill in your details.